Property in Maldon

The district of Maldon offers all kinds of properties - of all sizes and ages. This district has a variety of towns and villages and is also well known for its rural and agricultural communities. So, there are plenty of properties to choose from both inside and outside urban areas.

Moving to a Maldon town such as Burnham on Crouch or Maldon gives you access to a range of houses and flats common to any town of this size. People can opt to buy new properties on specific developments or to buy older, more traditional properties in the older areas of town. It is quite common to find listed buildings for sale in all areas of Maldon as a region. If you are lucky you can even purchase one of the traditional weatherboard cottages and houses for which the region is so well known.

Given the open aspect of the Maldon district it is relatively easy to find larger properties that come with large gardens or land. The rural economy here over the years also means that there are plenty of farm houses, cottages and related properties for sale. And, its proximity to the coast means that this area is a popular place to buy holiday cottages.